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Do you want to develop yourself,

your career, or your business, and

achieve more than you have on your own?



I'm Ann Grindrod - welcome to my website.

In 2011, I celebrated 40 years of working and for 22 of those years I have run a number of small enterprises, all centred around helping people to develop themselves, their careers, or their businesses.

And in the last 10 years, everything I’ve done has been underpinned by my knowledge of innovative, easy-to-use methods, which have enabled my clients, my customers, (and me!), to achieve meaningful, memorable results.

Because my recent 40th Anniversary offer produced a diversity of requests for my support, I have now decided to concentrate my skills wholly on helping individuals to enhance theirs, so they can achieve more. I am currently updating this website to more closely reflect what I do.

But for now, here’s a quick summary of how I can help you achieve more!

 You will find I can help you achieve more than you have on your own, if you want:

  • To be more effective – perhaps in how you manage time, assert yourself, influence others, negotiate terms, handle stress, remember things – even in just building your confidence.
  • To present with impact – perhaps you’re a presenter, speaker, demonstrator, salesperson, specialist, teacher, trainer, copywriter, manager, team leader, or the boss?
  • To plan your next career move – whether you’re between jobs, looking for your first job, wanting a change, or simply wanting a job!
  • To get better at being hired – are you disillusioned with no interviews, silence, rejections? My methods will get you in front of decision-makers.
  • To outsource important aspects of writing if you’re in business – aspects such as proofreading, copy-editing, copy-writing, marketing, brochure, flyer, and web design (words only!).
  • A sounding board for your business ideas. For example, how to develop your business, how to make winning pitches, and reviewing your proposals or presentations, so you’re in with a chance.

Why work with me?

If you already know me, you’ll know I’m not big on blowing my own trumpet – although naturally I shall be encouraging you to blow yours! - but here’s a few reasons why I believe I have something to offer you:

  • I have been continuously self-employed for 22 years and you don’t achieve longevity in business without learning a trick or two!
  • I have previously been proposed for the Businesswoman of the Year award.
  • I have developed methods which achieve 100% memory retention – how memorable is what you do?
  • I can help you to get in front of hiring decision-makers – whether you’re pitching for business or searching for that elusive job.
  • I have over 90% success rate in securing the business I have pitched for.
  • And when I’m working with you, I’m 100% focused on helping you to achieve the results you want.

And the good news is – my bespoke service doesn’t come at a huge cost to you! As a small business owner myself, I know individuals and small businesses don’t have bottomless pits of money to spend on their development, so my services are costed at rates which are fair – and that’s both to you and to me.

Plus, as I took the decision to come out of VAT last year, you won’t get a £+20% shock on your bill!

Sign up now to start discovering how you can achieve more!

If you’re interested as an individual, or you’re from a small team, and want to find out how I can help you achieve more, please enter your details in the box on the left-hand side and I'll contact you directly.

Ann - I haven't time to wait!

But if you need my help right now, click here to email me, or call me on +44 (0)7957 608 735 to let me know the challenge you have, the results you seek, and we’ll work out what actions we can take, together!

I look forward to helping you to achieve more than you have on your own.

 Picture of Ann GrindrodAnns signature

Ann Grindrod
Simply Learning
How to Achieve More!

P.S.  If you’re considering investing in my services, or you facilitate others' development yourself, you want to know you're receiving or giving the best return on investment. Click here to complete my free 1-minute diagnostic, to find out if you are.


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